Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha – 30g


Be assured, not all Matcha is created equal! We source our Matcha directly from one of the oldest and purest companies in all of Japan.  Made from the finest Tencha leaves available, it is shade grown, hand picked, steamed and air dried, then granite stone ground into a fine green powder packed with antioxidants!  Because it utilizes the entire tea leaf, Matcha is far superior to other teas in its many health benefits.  From helping prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, to protecting the liver, boosting brain function, promoting heart health, and aiding in weight loss, there’s really no reason NOT to love Matcha!


In our search for the best tasting, most beneficial tea available we spent months sourcing and tasting various types of Matcha.  We have chosen to provide only the highest quality, Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha to our tribe.  You wouldn’t believe how many different levels of Matcha exist, so we just went for the best.


Our Matcha is USDA certified organic, JAS OCIA certified organic by Japanese Agricultural Standard, Kosher certified, EU-BIO certified organic by the European Union, Canada-Bio certified organic by Canada, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Ingredients: Organic Japanese Green Tea Powder




Sift 1/2 tsp Matcha into bowl, pour 1/2 cup of 176 degree filtered water and whisk well until frothy and no remaining lumps.  Sip hot, top with ice, or add foamed milk for a latte.


*Be sure you don’t overheat the water (never use boiling) or you’ll scorch the tea, not only destroying the health benefits but also causing it to go bitter.  As a general rule, the higher quality the tea the lower the water temp you want.  This is an extremely high quality Matcha.  Treat it accordingly to coax maximum benefits and enjoyment!


If you cannot easily gauge your water temp, an easy trick is to simply pour a small amount (1/2 c or so) of boiling water into a small cup or creamer before pouring into a second cup… and the water temp should be just about perfect!


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