Stand Your Ground

Issue No. 6


Eden & Vine is a publication devoted to the cultivation of beauty and truth in everyday life.  Faith based and garden themed, it is created by real women from every walk of life.  While you certainly aren’t required to be a gardener to indulge in these pages, it is worth remembering that life itself began at the dawn of time… in a garden.  He is the Vine and we are the branches, purposed to flourish as we remain rooted in Him, our lives dripping with the fruit of His goodness (John 15:5). 


Of course, we’re still gardening, thrifting, cooking, and adventuring! These are the everyday joys that center us. But on a deeper level, we’re preparing ourselves. Although we are immersed in heavy days as a generation and culture, make no mistake, we were created for such a time as this. Despite the challenges we want to be careful not to forfeit anything God has for us, our families, or our communities. Rather, we want to be faithful stewards, the kind He can always entrust with more. In time we will rise unshakable, but first we must learn to stand our ground in the face of all fear and uncertainty. It’s an invitation from heaven itself. A few highlights:

  • cultivating peaceful mornings
  • winter care for houseplants
  • nature inspired living
  • cozy autumn recipes
  • creating legacy at home
  • guide to container gardening
  • a story of family sabbatical
  • warming beverage recipes
  • the history of a hymn
  • inspiration for your bookshelf 
  • an intro to matcha
  • the art of homemaking
  • inspiring stories of hope
  •  “indoor flower gardens”
  • spiritual effects of fasting
  • the sabbath bath ritual
  • the benefits of cardamom
  • embracing wellness
  • reader questions with Patsy Clairmont

…and so much more!

Sabbath Living: The Art of the Bath

It’s one of the most simple, most indulgent acts of kindness we can embrace at the end of the day: sinking into a hot bath. Especially lovely as the cold evening air of autumn and winter wraps itself around us with familiar chill, I know

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