cultivating beauty and truth

Issue No. 5

Spring / Summer 2021

Eden & Vine is a publication devoted to the cultivation of beauty and truth in everyday life.  Faith based and garden themed, it is created by real women from every walk of life.  While you certainly aren’t required to be a gardener to indulge in these pages, it is worth remembering that life itself began at the dawn of time… in a garden.  He is the Vine and we are the branches, purposed to flourish as we remain rooted in Him, our lives dripping with the fruit of His goodness (John 15:5). 


We are boldly embracing new beginnings and positioning ourselves to be used of God—in our homes and families, relationships, and communities. Join us as we sow victory gardens, set out on joyous thrift adventures, share a slew of fun new recipes and tips, and source all kinds of fresh inspiration for the home & garden. We’re introducing new inner beauty and sabbath rituals and learning anew what rest looks like in different seasons. We’re eagerly sitting at the feet of women who walk in profound experience and wisdom, vulnerably sharing our own stories of heartbreak turned hope, as well as…

  • raised garden beds in 4 styles
  • examining the Eucharist
  • 6 flavored butter recipes
  • heritage chicken breeds
  • build-your-own bruschetta
  • the wisdom of Anna Rountree
  • inspiring thrift tips & stories
  • simple lilac bloom recipes
  • a day in the life of tea
  • powerful stories of surrender
  • 9 rituals for deeper sleep
  • lessons from the garden
  • thyme benefits & recipes
  • reader questions with Patsy Clairmont

…and so much more!

Letters of Legacy

⏤ notes bursting with insight and joy tied up with colorful strings. Thanie’s circumference was that of a No.2 pencil. She was narrow, lean, and quietly feisty. Those last two words don’t seem to jive, but then you’ve never met Mrs. McEuen of East Broadway

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We have a dedicated team of intercessors who are on call to take your needs and requests before the throne room of God. Don’t fight these battles alone; we’ve got you!

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