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In this issue, of course, we’re still gardening, thrifting, cooking, and adventuring! These are the everyday joys that center us. But on a deeper level, we’re preparing ourselves. Although we are immersed in heavy days as a generation and culture, make no mistake, we were created for such a time as this. Despite the challenges we want to be careful not to forfeit anything God has for us, our families, or our communities. Rather, we want to be faithful stewards, the kind He can always entrust with more. In time we will rise unshakable, but first we must learn to stand our ground in the face of all fear and uncertainty. It’s an invitation from heaven itself.

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Spring / Summer 2022

A Time to Rise

From Editor Terrica Joy…

I shared in a recent social post, Don’t be dismayed or deterred by raging darkness, friends. The enemy was defeated 2000 years ago on Calvary. The end. He is a LONG-defeated foe. What we see happening around us today is sheer panic and rage from the underworld as they anticipate their utter defeat and rise of the TRUE sons and daughters of God. If this reality doesn’t make you wanna shout, I don’t know what will!”

Be encouraged.  God made no mistake in creating you.  When He lovingly fashioned you in the womb, He breathed life and purpose into your every cell, for right now.  He made you for today, for this very moment in time with precise and specific destiny.  You are one of the chosen, invited to witness firsthand the glory of God as it invades the earth.

But to apprehend and realize such God-breathed purpose, you’ll have to partner with heaven and rail against darkness.  You’ll have to move in courageous faith proclaiming life over every situation, hope in the face of despair, bold decrees of truth contrary to everything you see in the natural.  You’ll have to choose faith over fear, peace over anxiety, joy and truth over anything contrary (and there’s a lot of contrary).

Is it a high call?  Absolutely.  But you were made for it, and all of heaven backs you.

In our last issue, we dove deep into what it means to stand your ground.  In this issue, it’s time to rise.  Let’s link arms and step together into a vibrant future, one where the body of Christ radiates such power, authority, and hope it is undeniable we are His.  It is the call of every believer, and the hour is now.

You’ll find a lot of inspiration in these pages.  There are new voices of wisdom sharing jaw-dropping insight and familiar favorites sharing powerful glimpses of fresh revelation.  There are gorgeous photos, delicious new recipes, and inspiration galore for the home and garden.  Take your time and savor.  Let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you take it in.  Allow yourself to dream with Him, provoking fresh hope for such a time as this.  Let Him show you His heart for you, His limitless plans to “prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11) His plans have always been good.  It’s time to rise by faith and apprehend them.

Here’s what you’ll find in this issue of Eden & Vine…


Featured articles:

Gathering Sage
Gleaning in fields of wisdom.

Embracing True Identity
When your soul feels sticky.

A Wilde Rose Elixir
An afternoon walk turned inspiration.

The Noble Pursuit of Inner Beauty
Everyday practices for holistic wellness.

Pink Floaties
Becoming daughters who ask.

Olives’s Guard
Discovering undeniable purpose + a guide to cut flower gardening.

Sabbath Living
Learning to rest—an intentional practice mind, body, & spirit.

Blueberry Matcha Popsicles
As nourishing as they are fun.

Glimpses of Inspiration
A few our current favorites.

A Simple Home Refresh
A buget-friendly guide to making your space feel new.

Kouridashi Tea
The ice steeping method of Japan. 

Letters of Legacy
Reader questions answered by the legendary Patsy Clairmont.

An Al Fresco Summer
The effortless culture of outdoor dining.

A Hymn
Examining a historical melody laced with mystery and hope.

Create Your Own Mini Apothecary
A thrifted shelf turned modern medicine cabinet.

Nature School
The garden as teacher.

Unafraid to Ask
An audacious kind of faith.

The Apothecarist
The incredible benefits of lavender + simple recipes.

A Local’s Guide to Franklin, TN.
Exploring our charming small town.

Gardener’s Bookshelf
A few classics, a few modern.

Bearers of Beauty
The call to defy perfectionism.

Tend: Lessons from the Garden
Being known by our fruit.

The Blank Page
A place for hope.

A Blessing


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