Eden & Vine, Issue 1 (Digital)


This is a digital edition of our magazine and is accessible through our website.

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This is a digital edition of our magazine and is accessible through our website.

Spring/Summer 2019

PREMIER ISSUE!  Welcome to Eden & Vine.

Featured articles:

A Wild Kind of Faith
What might be possible if we believe


Celebrating Dragonflies
The practice and pursuit of wonder.


Creating Family Culture
The joy of a life built with intention.


Ivy Everywhere
Fill your home with life for little to no cost.


The Ache of a Well-Curate Life
Cultivating relationships with depth and purpose.


DIY Herb and Spice Blends
Easy homemade mixes to simplify dinner.


Mason Jar Iced Tea
Delicious brews to stock the fridge all summer.


Garden Zucchini Bread
A recipe beloved for generations.


A Simple Herb Garden
A guide to the endless delights of growing herbs.


Four Gardens
The place heaven dwells.


Reclaim, Repurpose, Redeem
The magic of creativity.


Made to Flourish
Ensuring a life-giving existence.


The Joy of Wonder
Teaching children to look for God.


On Kindness
The observant eyes of children.


The Father Who Sits at My Bedside
A story of finding a father thought lost.


Mothering to Eternity
One mothers journey to joy in the midst of grief.


Five Strength-Infusing Rhythms for Stressful Seasons
Tips to thrive when life gets crazy.


The Porch As An Altar
Creating a place to meet with God.


Nature School With Ms. Jenn
Our resident teacher shares her secrets for establishing truth in little hearts.


A Hymn
Examining a historical melody laced with mystery and hope.


Gathering Sage
Gleaning in fields of wisdom—a conversation with a spiritual father.


Tend: Lessons from the Garden
How the stripping of dahlias and zinnias renews the soul.


Sabbath Living
Learning to rest, an intentional practice mind, body, & spirit.



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