Issue No. 8


Eden & Vine is a publication devoted to the cultivation of beauty and truth in everyday life.  Faith based and garden themed, it is created by real women from every walk of life.  While you certainly aren’t required to be a gardener to indulge in these pages, it is worth remembering that life itself began at the dawn of time… in a garden.  He is the Vine and we are the branches, purposed to flourish as we remain rooted in Him, our lives dripping with the fruit of His goodness (John 15:5). 


In this issue, we’re exploring what it means to be Fortified—mind, body, and spirit. We’re sharing daily life-giving rhythms and rituals, nourishing beverages for morning and evening, and new tips for growing and gardening. We’re cultivating inviting spaces in the home, baking warm fall recipes, exploring the health benefits of favorite spices, and sharing winter wellness practices. There are inspiring stories of overcoming, embracing rest, and building strength both body and spirit.  We’re digging into the truth of the Word, leaning in close to seasoned voices of spiritual wisdom, and closer still to the heart of God.  He waits only on us, desiring to teach us the way of building our lives on the rock solid foundation of Jesus, secure and immovable.  

  • winter wellness practices
  • a thrifted gift guide
  • cultivating sabbath living
  • beverages to rise and rest
  • gardening inspiration & tips
  • chef-inspired hospitality
  • a seasonal home refresh
  • intentional daily practices
  • embracing new adventure
  • the benefits of cinnamon
  • art of creating atmospheres
  • the history of a hymn
  • journeying to wholeness
  • celebrated family recipes
  • nature-inspired living
  • wellness mind, body & spirit
  • gardening books you’ll love

…and so much more!

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Terrica Joy
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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