Sabbath Living – A guide to curating peaceful mornings.

If I’ve discovered any simple secret to living from a place of rest, it’s this: begin each day with rhythms of rest and you’re more likely to live from that posture throughout the entire day.

In the early years of my sabbath journey when I first began to pursue a lifestyle of rest, I simply tried to incorporate tiny moments of awareness throughout each day. It could be a few minutes watering the garden when I would set my heart to notice the rich smell of earth, slant of the light, and all the various textures in my little garden.  It was often taking time to stop and savor ingredients with all my senses as I prepared a meal in the kitchen, noticing tiny sacred details of basil leaves and fringy carrot tops. Sitting quietly outside for a moment to clear my mind transformed from mindless zoning, to taking in the symphony of birdsong, sunlight, and breeze tousling blade and leaves. Essentially, I began ushering my soul to tiny windows of quiet throughout every ordinary day and applying both intention and attention to otherwise mundane and unappreciated activities…

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