Gathering Sage

It had been a while since we’d last spoken. For no other reason than the busyness of life we hadn’t connected. He had called to check on us often, leaving voice messages full of promise as he prayed decreeing God’s plan over our lives. I saved every message. His hiddenness (no cell, no texting, no social media) meant I had no real way to communicate outside of catching him on his home phone, and to be honest I rarely had time to do so. But this night driving home alone in the rain, the gentle quiet felt like an invitation. Smiling at the thought of his loving voice, I picked up the phone.

“Daughter! Oh my goodness, how are you? How’s the family? I’ve been praying for you everyday.” He was as giddy to hear my voice as I was his. We bantered back and forth catching up, laughing, sharing tidbits of recent months happenings. It was so good to connect, I felt my entire body smiling as if joy radiated not only from my soul, but my very cells…

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