The Glorious Simplicity of Wisdom

⏤ a conversation with Anna Rountree.

I gasped aloud hearing her voice on my phone. Sitting alone in a parking lot with my iced tea, I was stunned. Anna Rountree had called. Unsure how to respond outside of shrieking with sheer joy, I sat in shocked silence staring at the phone screen…

It was a deeply personal request I’d put before God despite it feeling very unlikely. A woman of profound devotion and humility, Anna Rountree has lived cloistered away in the mountains with the Lord for decades. She isn’t one to do interviews. But because God is a good Father who welcomes us to share the most intimate desires of our hearts, I’d boldly asked anyway. And kept asking. Every time Anna came to mind or I’d pray for her ministry, I’d remind God again it was the genuine desire of my heart to interview her. I dare say I almost begged. I could not help but be drawn to her, compelled, and deeply provoked by her life. A solid year later He was granting my request and sitting there in my car staring at the phone screen, I felt the genuine delight of God in doing so. I could almost hear His exuberant laughter ring through the heavens at my reaction. He so delights in giving us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4.)…

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