Tend: Lessons from the Garden

⏤ the profound power of sowing.

This simple, unassuming way of “loving thy neighbor” runs in my blood. My parents have always been gardeners and plant people. My mom with her vast collection of houseplants, my dad with his acres of watermelon and cantaloupe, not to mention their vegetable garden brimming with more tomatoes than any one family could ever need. On a recent visit home, Dad announced he had just planted half an acre of turnips! When I asked him why so many, he simply responded, “I really like turnips!” What he didn’t say, but I know to be true, is he’ll give the vast majority away. This summer they spent days on end picking their yellow-meat watermelons and cantaloupes and delivering them to doorsteps all across Delta county. If people weren’t home, Mom got a kick out of simply “rolling melons onto porches” to be discovered later…

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