Essential Oil Blends

Long before essential oils made triumphant popularity in the United States, I found myself struggling with intense allergies. Loads of research led me to a company in Europe, and a tiny bottle of potent oregano oil. I jumped through hoops to get it shipped across the ocean and through customs, but once it arrived and I tried it, I deemed it worth every effort. I was amazed not only at its effectiveness, but the seemingly endless health and wellness benefits.

That was over a decade ago. These days obtaining essential oils is as easy as a trip to the grocery store. Ever the purist I’m a bit—okay, I’m a lot particular when it comes to sourcing and quality. For years, we’ve been customers of Florihana, a beautiful distillery in the South of France. Family run, jaw-dropping purity, incredibly affordable, I can’t say enough about them.

While essential oil blends and recipes are highly customizable based on needs and preferences, we have a few simple family favorites we go to time and again…

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