A Call to Celebrate

“I’m terminally optimistic! When I wake up in the morning I expect something good to happen. I don’t know exactly what it will be, and sometimes it’s postponed until the next day or the day after, but inevitably something wonderful will happen!”

Hearing her words I glanced around smiling, almost as if I expected someone to meet my gaze and nod in exuberant agreement. Given I was wearing headphones and watching my personal screen on a darkened plane, it was a silly notion. But I couldn’t help myself! I felt so entirely understood!

We were on a flight home from Europe after a beautiful time of family Sabbath, and with the kids finally asleep I’d selected a documentary to watch entitled, “Lives Well Lived” by Sky Bergman. Inspired by her own grandmother, she had captured the stories of dozens of older people who had lived rich and meaningful lives, many even enduring great heartache and loss. Ever the diligent gleaner in fields of wisdom and experience, I was already immersed. But when this darling little lady with twinkling eyes and tangible joy took the screen with these words about terminal optimism, I was enthralled…

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