Creating Peace in Your Home

When I think peace, I imagine the gentle breeze of an almost silent night sitting outdoors. It’s that perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold. It’s a time when everyone I love is comfortable, happy, and together. There aren’t yet worries or concerns for tomorrow, only a simple quiet satisfaction in today and sweet hope for what tomorrow might bring. It sounds lovely doesn’t it? Peace.

It looks a bit different for us all. In my current stage of life I equate peace with quiet, an oh-so-wonderful pair. And while a quiet uninterrupted shower or alone trip to Target might just be a peace-giving miracle for me, for you it might be rest from a horrible illness or relief from a relationship that seems unamendable. Regardless of what form it takes, most of us recognize our natural inclination and draw towards peace. What we might not realize is we’re actually called to it.

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