Sabbath Blend Essential Oil Set


Your evening routine is complete when it includes a warm bath with Epsom salt and these relaxation inducing oils.  Then diffuse them on a bedside table to help promote deeper rest.


Included with this set is our signature Sabbath Blend recipe card, each of the individual essential oils listed below, as well as our special Eden & Vine bottle for DIY blending.  Find this recipe, as well as our other signature blends in Issue 4!


  • 1x – 15ml bottle of Bergamot (bergapten free)
  • 1x – 15ml bottle of Cedarwood (Atlas)
  • 1x – 15ml bottle of Clary Sage
  • 1x – 15ml bottle of Lavender Vera
  • 1x – 15ml empty Eden & Vine Sabbath bottle

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Because our oils are coming from a family run distillery in the south of France, please allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing!  If you order with a magazine, we will do our best to ship your magazine ASAP.


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